Vocabulary Unit 6


Fülle alle Lücken aus und klicke dann auf "Überprüfen".
Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, klicke auf "Nächsten Buchstaben anzeigen", um einen (weiteren) Buchstaben der Antwort sehen zu können.
Du kannst auch auf "[?]" klicken. Dann erhältst du einen Lösungshinweis.
Bitte beachte: Wenn du auf eine dieser beiden Hilfen zurückgreifst, verlierst du Punkte.
Can you louder? I can't hear you.
I can hear the water . Turn it off, please.
Don't talk to me in the morning. I am usually very then.
I went to a rock last night. The music was great.
That music has a great to dance to.
Someone who writes songs is called a .
The of the band has a great voice.
You are too loud! Please be .
If you don't know the words to the song, just to the music.
Mummy, can I the TV? There's a good film on now.
Please the radio. I don't want to listen to music.
My brother makes me so when he takes my CDs.
A person who makes music is a .
A person who paints pictures is a .
Can you give me the green for the trees?
I can't hear a sound. There is complete .
Shh. , so the others can't hear you.
Princes and princesses often live in a .
I have to my homework before I can play with you.
A: I don't know how to . B: Just put your lips together and blow.
I set my for 7am every morning to wake me up.
Always when you meet someone new.
Can you this CD on to my MP3 player for me?