Vocabulary Unit 5


Fülle alle Lücken aus und klicke dann auf "Überprüfen".
Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, klicke auf "Nächsten Buchstaben anzeigen", um einen (weiteren) Buchstaben der Antwort sehen zu können.
Du kannst auch auf "[?]" klicken. Dann erhältst du einen Lösungshinweis.
Bitte beachte: Wenn du auf eine dieser beiden Hilfen zurückgreifst, verlierst du Punkte.
What does Fasnacht begin on this year? I think it's February 26th.
In the leaves turn orange and fall from the trees and it starts to get colder.
You have to the turkey for four hours before you can eat it.
A is a special day or time when people wear pretty clothes, sing special songs and eat special food.
the cake into four parts for Peter, Maria, you and me.
I buy bread and cake in a .
I want to wear a funny rabbit for Halloween.
I love to eat a like chocolate cake after lunch.
When I hear pop music, I love to .
do you make Jiaozi? I don't know.
What is your favourite ? Mine is pizza!
In China the colours red and gold bring .
We our Christmas tree with lights and glass balls. I also make some of the out of paper.
Some people are vegetarians. They don't eat .
are you so happy? I'm going to a party!
The first day of the year is called , but people celebrate it on .
Will you your face or wear a mask at the Fasnacht?
is your birthday?
The store over there sweets and postcards.
is your favourite food?
Breakfast is the most important of the day.
I always drink my tea with milk and .
I love like Smarties and M&Ms.
are you going for your holiday?
Can you the ball to me?
is your favourite singer?
My favourite time of the year is when the flowers begin to grow and the weather becomes warm.