Vocabulary Unit 3


Fülle alle Lücken aus und klicke dann auf "Überprüfen".
Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, klicke auf "Nächsten Buchstaben anzeigen", um einen (weiteren) Buchstaben der Antwort sehen zu können.
Du kannst auch auf "[?]" klicken. Dann erhältst du einen Lösungshinweis.
Bitte beachte: Wenn du auf eine dieser beiden Hilfen zurückgreifst, verlierst du Punkte.
Be when you walk along the river. You could fall in.
Help! You must to come fast! It's an !
She is injured and her head is ing .
Sarah are you okay? Can you move your arm? Does your arm ?
I think we have gone round in a . We have been here before.
Stay away from the road. It's not there.
A: Sarah had an with her bicycle. - B: Really? Is she hurt?
It is very dark at in the forest.
He has cut himself and has lost a lot of .
There is someone lying on the road. Call the for help!
The doctor takes care of the .
I am a walker. If I am in a hurry, I take my bike.
There are so many cars. Why is there so much on the road today?
He is a reader. He can read a book in one day.
I can't play with you today, but I can .
Please turn down the music. It is very and I can't hear you talk.
Today it is cold. I must a pullover.
Can you me on my mobile today about the boat trip?
What do you need on a boat trip? Are jeans and a pullover okay? Do I need a raincoat?
Be careful with this glass. Don't it!
I my skin with sun cream when I am in the sun.
Please your bag off the desk. I can't see the blackboard.
Many animals live in the .
A: What's the name of this ? - B: I think it's the Aare.
Stop! Can't you see the stop ?
Autofahrer =
Fahrradfahrer =
Helm =