Vocabulary Unit 2


Fülle alle Lücken aus und klicke dann auf "Überprüfen".
Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, klicke auf "Nächsten Buchstaben anzeigen", um einen (weiteren) Buchstaben der Antwort sehen zu können.
Du kannst auch auf "[?]" klicken. Dann erhältst du einen Lösungshinweis.
Bitte beachte: Wenn du auf eine dieser beiden Hilfen zurückgreifst, verlierst du Punkte.
Can you carry this for me? I’m not very strong. I’m too to carry it.
Can you please me with my homework? I don't understand it.
We can't wait for you. We have to go .
The weather is sunny; there is not a cloud in the .
Romanshornerstrasse 7 is my .
Why did you take my favourite jacket without asking? You make me so .
I’m sorry, but I can’t your name. Can you say it again?
You need to a pullover, so you don’t get cold.
I need only a few minutes to get to school. I don't live from the school.
Hanna always helps me with my homework. She takes her time. She is .
I can spaghetti and toast.
I am of snakes and spiders. They give me bad dreams.
She gives her friends toys and sweets. She is .
Stay out of the water when the weather is bad. It is .
Help me the boat into the water.
My mother and father are great. I love my .
16th August 1999 is my .
I go swimming, I go almost every week!
Can you turn on the lamp? It is getting in here.
Captain Cook was . He travelled all over the world and saw many interesting places.
Brr. Do you have a pullover? I feel
I don’t eat sweets every day. I only eat them .
Small kids are afraid of that boy. He’s a .
Look, there are the lights; we must row back quickly.
Don't ask Bill to bring you the book. He won't, because he's very .
It’s raining and now I’m all .
Please help me the boat out of the lake.
Ha, ha, ha. You tell good jokes. You are so !
012 312 31 23 is my .
Do you see all those ? They are my family.
When you don't understand a word, a dictionary can be .
the boat faster! My mother is waiting for me.
She's never afraid, not even of dangerous dogs. She's very .
Nachname =
Schiff, Boot =
See =
Wolke =