Vocabulary Unit 1

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We ... start the day with a song.
There are ... children at our school – over 300!
Shalini's lessons ... at 9:30 in India.
... wears a uniform at our school.
School finishes at 3 o'clock in the ...
I like maths. It is my favourite ...
The sports hall is in a separate ...
The sports hall is ... the computer room.
I’m hungry. Good thing it’s almost ...
A: Let's go to the Homework Club. B: Oh no, that's ...; let's do something interesting.
I can’t come with you to the Sports Club today. I’m very ... with my homework.
The dining hall is ... the boys' changing room.
We ... a good captain for our team.
We can't use the computers today. The computer room is ...
There’s a hockey match in the ... today. Let’s go and watch it!
I live ... school, so I only need five minutes to get there.
Learning English is ..., but learning Hindi is hard.
You have to run back to your side to get a ... for your team.
A: Thank you. B: ...
It is ... to work hard for school.
You have to run ... to be on our team.
I ... my best friend every day before school.
A: Can we start? B: No. We’re not ... yet.
Every ... at 8:30 we start school with Assembly.
We have pictures on the ... in our classroom.
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