Vocabulary Unit 1


Fülle alle Lücken aus und klicke dann auf "Überprüfen".
Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, klicke auf "Nächsten Buchstaben anzeigen", um einen (weiteren) Buchstaben der Antwort sehen zu können.
Du kannst auch auf "[?]" klicken. Dann erhältst du einen Lösungshinweis.
Bitte beachte: Wenn du auf eine dieser beiden Hilfen zurückgreifst, verlierst du Punkte.
We start the day with a song.
There are children at our school – over 300!
Shalini's lessons at 9:30 in India.
wears a uniform at our school.
School finishes at 3 o'clock in the .
I like maths. It is my favourite .
The sports hall is in a separate .
The sports hall is the computer room.
I’m hungry. Good thing it’s almost .
A: Let's go to the Homework Club. B: Oh no, that's ; let's do something interesting.
I can’t come with you to the Sports Club today. I’m very with my homework.
The dining hall is the boys' changing room.
We a good captain for our team.
We can't use the computers today. The computer room is .
There’s a hockey match in the today. Let’s go and watch it!
I live school, so I only need five minutes to get there.
Learning English is , but learning Hindi is hard.
You have to run back to your side to get a for your team.
A: Thank you. B: .
It is to work hard for school.
You have to run to be on our team.
I my best friend every day before school.
A: Can we start? B: No. We’re not yet.
Every at 8:30 we start school with Assembly.
We have pictures on the in our classroom.
Hemd, Hemdbluse =
Krawatte =
Rock =
Hosen =
Schuluniform =
Schuh =